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Gas Giant Girls (And how to avoid them)

She got a little skank on her face …

Hey man,

I’ve dealt with all kinds of women in my adventures …

Good girls … bad girls … rich girls and trashy girls … daddy’s girls …

You get the idea …

Deep down in their creamy centers, however, all these women are essentially the same:

They’re dirty girls who want dirty things to be done to them.

They just don’t know how to ask.

But in all my years of sexual conquesting, there’s one kind of girl I steer clear of and avoid at all costs …

I’m talking about the cock tease.

You usually run into this type of chick after she’s hit the wall in the looks department.

She may work hard to keep up a bangin’ body, but her best days are behind her, and when you get close enough, the story is clear:

Wrinkly sun-damaged skin, bolted on boob job, frowny lines around her mouth (or worse, the psychotic clown look that comes from a bad face lift) …

Basically, she KNOWS she isn’t going to have tons of guys fighting for her attention.

This girl’s entire plan revolves around being a flirty little tease in order to attract guys who otherwise wouldn’t bother with her.

Easy lay, right?

Think again.

See. Little Miss Stinkysnatch is all about attracting what are called “orbiters.”

Like a gas giant planet who needs as many moons as possible circling around her, playing her games, giving her attention …

… just so she can keep them all at arm’s reach while she sucks all their energy up like a thirsty white trash vampire.

Her whole game isn’t about getting laid – it’s about sucking up the attention that her sad and deflated little ego so desperately needs to fulfill her self worth!

She’ll say and do some ridiculous shit that will ABSOLUTELY make you believe she’s down to fuck. And like any hot blooded guy, you’re going to stand up and take notice.

But here’s the test …

Walk away.

See what happens …

I guarantee you she moves right on to the next guy in line – and odds are that clueless chump will fall for all her games, and land smack dab in the middle of the Friend Zone.

Older dudes (mid-40s and up) are particularly susceptible to this type of chick, so be vigilant.

Now if you want to identify the kind of girls who DO want to get banged (and probably don’t know how to come right out and ask for it), my friend Craig Miller has devised an ingenious “field guide” to the things girls unwittingly do and say that lead to REAL, ACTUAL SEX.

Click here to learn more.


The next time you see Betty Butterface and her orbiting galaxy of clueless chumps, you remember this little chat …

But don’t thank me.

Do yourself a favor and get smart to the REAL signals girls are giving off that are guaranteed to lead to sex.

Click here to identify her hidden signals




Alternate Subject Lines:

3 rules MOST guys are breaking when it comes to women

Are you making these 3 amateur mistakes?

Hey man,

When it comes to picking up hot girls who put out, the stakes can be high …

Waste too much time on a chick who isn’t interested in sex, and you’ll end up home alone at the end of the night playing RedTube Roullette and crying yourself to sleep.

And while some guys look at it as a “numbers game,” that’s about the worst thing ANY man can do when it comes to picking up hot women.

There’s a way to have total control over your sex destiny, and it doesn’t involve cheesy pickup lines, buying drinks, or chatting up every skank in the bar in hopes that one is drunk enough to blow you an empty toilet stall.

Click here to learn more.


If you can handle your own business, you have already greatly increased your odds to get what you REALLY want out of a quick pickup situation …

The most efficient way of making an immediate improvement is by making sure you’re not making these 3 common mistakes:

  1. Don’t look like trash … You don’t have to be a regular subscriber to GQ or Esquire to look halfway decent when you put yourself into play …But it goes without saying that you should be putting some effort into your appearance. I know, at some point you’ve heard from every seduction coach that “looks don’t matter” – but the truth is, the little things DO count.Nobody looks their best when they run out to the grocery store for a six pack or gallon of milk … but be aware that you MAY run into that hot dental hygienist from your apartment building on your way through the checkout lane. So do you really want to look like you just let your dog lick a pound of peanut butter off your balls?Seriously, brush your teeth, brush your hair. Don’t go out with dried food on your clothes, and pay attention to your shoes (chicks do) …
  1. Don’t be obvious … If you’re in a club and you’re approaching every girl in the bar with some stupid pickup trick, other women notice this. And while you THINK you’re just “playing the odds,” how effective do you think your charming one-liner is going to be on the babe who just watched you get shot down by 2 other chicks?Take your thumb wrestling and slight of hand kinesthetics into a dark corner or something … otherwise you’ll look like an ass – and you’ll end up alone, horny, and frustrated (or with a drunk fat chick in the bathroom stall).
  1. Pay attention to the girl! The worst thing guys do is ignore the signals a girl is giving off that she’s down to fuck. Guys can get so wrapped up in their own game, they MISS the subtle signs a girl may be unconsciously giving off that reveals her TRUE intentions!If you’re watching for the right clues, you’ll be able to tell INSTANTLY if she’s ready to take things to the next level.Or better yet – if she has NO interest whatsoever (despite being friendly and flirty with you). There’s nothing sadder than watching a clueless chump waste time on a chick I KNOW has no intentions of letting him near her.Save your time and energy and WATCH FOR THESE SIGNALS.

And about those signals …

If you want to know what to look for from a girl – whether she’s some random hot chick at the Apple store or some girl at a club looking to drown her daddy issues with a night of sweaty and shameless anonymous sex …

You need to watch my friend Craig’s video where he reveals these signals in depth.


Not recognizing these subtle – sometimes unconscious – signals is the biggest mistake you are making right now … and nothing you say or do will matter if you don’t know what you’re dealing with.

Ready to make your own luck?



Alternate Subject Lines:

5 DTF Signals you absolutely MUST know

“Check please!” – how to tell when she’s DTF

Hey man,

I have a good friend – let’s call her Jane – who was recently complaining about the lack of action she was getting.

Now Jane is right to be frustrated – she’s a stone cold hot baby, tight in all the right places, with a hot yoga body, pink pouty lips, and a firm natural rack that demands immediate attention.

The fact that she isn’t getting laid is alarming to say the least.

But it says a lot about the times we’re living in, to be honest.

A lot of men are so castrated by today’s “war on masculinity” that they simply don’t recognize the signs a woman gives off when she’s looking for a quick lay.

They either miss the obvious signs – or they’re afraid to take action, for fear of being labeled a pervert or a creep.

Three words Jane wants me to pass along to you:


Whatever you do, get familiar with the subtle (and not-so-subtle) signs women are giving off EVERYWHERE around you … signs that so FEW men are tuned into, it gives you an unfair advantage when it comes to your pick of women!

For example, Jane mentions a few recent “misses” that would have easily landed her in the sack, had the guys actually been paying attention:

• She initiates and HOLDS contact. Hand play is good – but when she rubs your arm or drapes herself across your shoulders, it’s a good sign she’s ready to take things to the next level.

• She compliments you in a sexy way. When a girl says something about you is “hot,” that means she’s already imagined what it would be like to fuck you. She’s tested the idea in her mind’s eye, and she’s verbalizing that she likes what she sees. Translation: “I like that shirt, it’s hot on you!” means in no uncertain terms, she’s DTF.

• She’s a close talker. If she’s dangerously close to your face, or she begins moving closer as she talks to you, she’s initiating intimacy and probably is thinking about kissing you. If she doesn’t go in for the kiss, take control and give her what she wants.

• “Let’s go somewhere else.” She’s ready to transition here … but be careful about being too bold with your suggestions.

• She touches your dick. It’s crazy that I even have to mention this, but many men still can’t process what’s happening when a chick sizes up your junk by grazing/rubbing/brushing against your crotch. It means she wants your penis inside her. This is what I call a “Check, please” situation.

So although I’m just passing this information along for my hot friend Jane …

… I do encourage you to explore these hidden (and in some cases obvious) signs that guys are missing out on these days.

In fact, my buddy Craig Miller has compiled a virtual ENCYCLOPEDIA of hidden signals girls are giving off that are guaranteed to get you laid – if you know what to look for.

Craig shows you how to spot – in any situation – the one babe who is looking for a quick and easy lay with no strings attached.

It’s genius … and the kicker is, hardly any other guys know about these signals.

You need to hear Craig’s story for yourself.


In fact, his technique was so un-PC and “unfair,” it got him kicked off of Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN.

Watch the hidden camera footage that got him kicked off CNN



PS: Once you see these hidden signals, you can’t “unsee” them. A lot of girls aren’t even aware of the signals their body’s are giving off … but when Craig shows you what to look for, it becomes instantly obvious.

Decode Her Signals


Alternate Subject Lines:

Her body can’t hide the truth

Why you can’t beat her at her own game (do this instead)

Hey man,

Girls think they’re so smart.

But you want to know the truth?

When it comes to sex and dating, they honestly believe they’re playing a game they cannot lose … and because of how men have been marginalized in today’s society, most of the time they’re RIGHT!

But the minute you look beyond whatever games she’s trying to play – and understand the TRUE urges (repressed or otherwise) at play deep within her primal brain …

You finally realize that all the games are bullshit.

A woman cannot hide what her body REALLY wants …

She can play all the games she wants to, but the moment she comes up against a real man who recognizes the subtle cues she’s subconsciously giving off …

The rules don’t mean shit.

My friend Craig Miller can teach you a way to look beyond all the games women play and finally get what YOU want from ANY woman – no matter how hot or how unapproachable she may seem.

You can identify these signals from across the room – most of them are so subtle, she may not even realize she’s giving them off …

But once you know what to look for, it’s like alarm bells going off – there’s no way to miss them ever again!

Watch this video to learn THESE signals


When you finally discover these hidden signals, the realization that you’ll never have to play her bullshit games again will hit you like a ton of bricks – you will be a changed man.

The world and every dirty little girl in it will be yours for the taking.

Click here to learn what to look for.


And stop playing games you can’t win.


Alternate Subject Lines:

You can’t miss this …

Rowdy Roddy Piper says do this to get laid …

Hey man,

One of my favorite movies is the cult classic “They Live.”

Have you seen it? The one where Rowdy Roddy Piper (RIP) plays a construction worker who discovers an alien race of lizard people have taken over the world?

Even if you missed the movie, you’ve probably heard about the world’s longest fight scene, where Roddy is trying to convince his buddy to put on the glasses that reveal the subliminal signs and signals all around them …

It’s been referenced in everything from Family Guy to politics to world-wide advertising campaigns …

“Put on the glasses.”

I recently came across a video from my friend Craig Miller that reminded me of this classic scene …

Craig’s video is such a great metaphor for that fight scene – particularly how men are so stubborn and resistant to seeing the signals that women are giving out all around them!

In his latest video, Craig reveals how recognizing the hidden signals women are telegraphing is the absolute EASIEST way to hook up with girls for quick and easy sex.

And you don’t even need Rowdy Roddy’s magic glasses to see them.

Craig shows you exactly what you’re missing here.


Imagine walking into a bar or café or party, and seeing instantly – all around you – a fourth dimension of subliminal sex signs from the hottest, most attractive women in the room …

… signs that – to the untrained eye – appear so innocent, women may not even be aware themselves …

… but you are tuned into these signals so precisely that getting laid suddenly becomes as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

In fact, once you see these signals for yourself, you will be forever changed.

Like Rowdy Roddy and his friend Keith David, you CANNOT unsee them.

The best part is, Craig shows you how to close the deal with these girls in just 3 easy steps – putting you in complete and total control.

Open your eyes – the signs are all around you!

Discover the girls who are the horniest and easiest to fuck, and you’ll never want for pussy again.

Put on the glasses.



PS: In the movie “They Live,” Roddy’s buddy Keith David is resistant to putting on the glasses and seeing “the truth.” I don’t know why, but this is also the case with most men when it comes to opening their eyes about women.

In fact, Craig got himself into some hot water with CNN’s own Anderson Cooper for that very reason. When he revealed these signals via hidden camera, the truth was too much for Anderson’s producers and they pulled the plug on the segment!

See the banned footage here


Some guys don’t want to know the truth. They are happy in their ignorance. They wear their celibacy like a badge … I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s no way to live.

Let Craig open your eyes.




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The Sexual Decoder System shows guys how to see the hidden signals all women subconsciously give tell them exactly which girls want to hookup and even which ones are desperate for sex, so you can get laid easily whenever you want.

Famous CNN reporter Anderson Cooper exposes the shocking controversy behind dating expert Craig Miller’s new discovery and even recorded hidden camera video footage of the trick being used to sleep with real women, but most of the footage was so shocking, it couldn’t be shown on TV. Even what they did show made female viewers furious.

3 Big Ideas The Sales Video Will Teach Your Customers…

  1. There are women walking around right now, in your life, at work, at the gym, the coffee shop and on the street that desperately want to hookup – you just can’t see the signals that they’re eagerly looking for a man.
  2. Once you find a girl who’s desperate to hookup, the whole process is effortless. You don’t have to do any hard work or play any games and you can close the deal in just 3 easy steps. These women are so horny that there won’t be any resistance at all, even if you are shy or not good looking.
  3. There are thousands of horny women out there, but because of social pressures and human psychology, they can’t tell you upfront. They can only communicate their desperate desires through strange, subtle signals.


There are a few marketing angles/gimmicks you can use to promote this offer that I’ll explain using the marketing terms I use in the sales video…

  • BANNED From TV! – The trick that was BANNED from TV and from Anderson Cooper’s show or… the trick that got one man kicked off public TV
  • Anderson Cooper – Why Anderson Cooper invited this expert on his show and the shocking trick this man exposed live on TV – PLUS why 95% of the footage was too controversial to reveal
  • Women Are FURIOUS! – Women are furious that this trick was made publically available on TV and have written complaint letters to the show… and you’re going to be pretty pissed off too once you see this video because of all the girls who wanted to hookup with you, but you couldn’t see the “hidden signals.”
  • Hidden Signals – You can read a woman’s “hidden signals” and easily being about to tell which women are down to hookup and even which ones are desperate for sex
  • “Secret Language” – You’ll learn the speak the “secret language” of women – the language women don’t even realize they’re speaking – and use it to get the women you want

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P: password